Sharp Pocketcomputer to PC Interface

Design changed, please read!!

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I happened to be quite some Sharp freak 10 years ago, some may remember my articles in THE european pocketcomputer magazine published by Fischel Gmbh from Berlin. I even built two joysticks for my little PC, as the girls from school had neary destroyed my numpad playing some games. :-)

I found the source to a communications program in perhaps DOS, CT or CHIP or whatever magazine, and used it to save data from my SHARP 1403 to the PC.

To make sure I didnt tell nonsense I just tried it out, and well of course, it only worked partially :-(.

Transmitting to the PC worked, but not sending. First it didnt, because tosharp2.exe was actually for com4 not for com2, and second the cabling has been wrong.

To make it work you have to do the following: Connect the Ground wire to pin3 on the sharp. When sending to the PC, just connect pin 7 (counting starts from 1 at the top) to the RX connector of your PCs serial. To make things complicated, this is pin 2 on 9pin connectors and pin 3 on 25pin connectors :-(. Just start topc#n on your pc, where #n is the number of your serial port. Then hit CSAVE and it works.

Sending to the sharp is a little bit more complicated. You have to

use a resistore so the PC cant make the sharp dizzy with all his hig voltage when connecting all wires

Just connect the PCs TX (pin 3 on 9pin and pin2 on 25pin) to pin 6 on your sharp, and use a 100k Resistor for protection (Thats what changed since last time, nothing special, but thats what happens when one has to use his own circuit alot :-) Hit CLOAD on the sharp, and afterwards start tosharp#n where #n again is the number of your serial port. If everything is connected correctly you will hear the familar sharp loading signal, and during the actual data transfer an asterix will apear on the sharps display.

Executables with Source (Includes some kick ass :-) minigolf for sharps which I adopeted for 1403 once):

tar.gzipped version: sharp.tgz

pkzipped version:

a table containing sharps assembly language, tiff for printing.

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